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Bell’s palsy [BP] is a rather common ailment, covered by an extensive literature, in the past decades imbued with the evidencebased medicine, with exclusive reference to diseases. The current revival of narrative medicine encourages a reconsideration of the illnesses. Our aim is to join and reconcile the two approaches. Hemifacial paresis had been observed and described since the antiquity but is currently named after Sir Charles Bell (1774– 1842) because he was the first to interpret it on solid neuroanatomical grounds. He published the narrative account of the illness in a letter from one of his correspondents and might have suffered it himself.  What generally happens is that BP is the prima facie (literally) diagnosis for hemifacial, or peripheral seventh cranial nerve, paralysis On the morning of January 3, I first noticed a difficulty with the mouth wash, after tooth brushing, with the liquid drooling out of the mouth. A look at the mirror revealed that the left half of the fac…

Biomedical Scinece and Research Journals ! A Case of Oral leukoplakia Recovered by Receiving HRT for 3 Months

Leucoplakia is well known as a pre-malignant disease in oral tumour. About 80 years ago, hormone replacement therapy was useful for the treatment of oral leucoplakia. However, no report regarding efficacy of HRT has not been obtained since then. Case 48y female, past history: 20y ovarian cyst, no smoking. She became menopause in 2014 and noticed dry mouth and oral white coating without pain. She visited at oral surgery of Tsurumi Dental University and was diagnosed as a leukoplakia, following biopsy.  Oral and dental examination revealed no evidence of apparent causes and she received dental care, although no efficacy. She visited Keigu clinic, complaining of shoulder stiffness and pain, palpitation and dry mouth in April 2017. Her sex hormone level showed E2 12.0 pg/mL, FSH 83.7mIU/mL, suggesting loss of her ovarian function. Immunological examination showed CRP 0.10mg/dl, RF < 4 and ANA <40. She has no possibility of having autoimmune rheumatic disease. She began rec…

Biomedical Scinece and Research Journals ! Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Skin and Ocular Surface Disease: An Interdisciplinary Review

Mitochondria are subcellular organelles that are the power-house of the cell. However, we now see that they play an ever-growing role in health, disease and aging of the skin. Not only does thee mitochondria produce the most reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the cell, but it affects major inflammatory and dysplastic processes. We have reviewed the literature of mitochondrial dysfunction and ocular surface disease. We have presented syndromes and non-syndromic conditions where mitochondrial dysfunction affects ocular surface health and dry eye, dry keratoconjunctivitis.
Mitochondria are sub-cellular organelles with DNA. Mitochondrial DNA (mt DNA) is normally present at thousands of copies per cell and is packaged into several hundred higher-order structures termed nucleoids and makes only 13 proteins, a noncoding regulatory D-Loop, 2rRNA and 22 tRNAs, including genes for 13 oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) polypeptides, 22 tRNAs and two ribosomal RNAs, while some of the OXPHOS e…

Biomedical Scinece and Research Journals ! Community Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in Bangladesh

Community Physiotherapy is totally a new concept and less pursued specialization in physiotherapy (Rajan, 2013). This might be due to various reasons; to name a few, the lack of interest among physiotherapist to work in the communities, paucity of information on community-based physiotherapy, complex methods required to measure a community and reduced awareness about community health problems among physiotherapists (Rajan, 2012). Bangladesh is a developing country with a huge population, in that case community-based physiotherapy can be a perceived as an important cog in the wheel of the healthcare system. Although, in Bangladesh, Graduate physiotherapists have lack of interest in community based of physiotherapy due to lack of information about it. Here center-based physiotherapy is very popular and maximum physiotherapists want to settle in urban areas due to a good or comfort life with a good income.
Center based physiotherapy depends on equipment, electricity, a lot of space etc …

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The purpose of the American Journal of Biomedical Science and Research is to publish scientific and technical research papers, to bring attention to the importance of technology in the field of human sciences. Ever advancing technology plays a vital role in several emergency medical and clinical scenarios, and is thus the the key focus of this journal; biomedical researchBringing together content that is rich and enables information sharing between like-minded readers who crave for quality content on biomedical research. The wide scope of this journal is to aid the growth of scientific information about better healthcare.
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Two interesting papers [1,2] appeared recently discussing the important question of a rotor (spiral) induced by a reentry mechanism and its influence on heart failures. One of the main malfunctions of the heart is tachycardia [3,4], rapid heartbeat, either in the atria termed AT or in the ventricles (VT). Tachycardia can lead to fibrillation [5]. (AF or VF respectively), i.e. rather chaotic heart-waves. It is known that patients suffering from fibrosis are more prone to contract such fibrillary condition, which can lead even to sudden cardiac death (SCD). These activities are thought by most authors to be sustained by a small number of self-organized, rapidly spinning electrical rotors [6]. The importance of locating the rotor centers for ablation purposes in AF patients was shown [7] to be of real benefit in this treatment. The rotor itself can be due to a “reentry” [8], i.e. a mechanism where an action potential (AP) pulse is repeatedly oscillating around a specific rout…