Biomedical Science and Research Journals | Clinical Psychology: Chosen Topics

  Clinical Psychology: Chosen Topics Editorial The theory without practice is pure verbalism; practice without mere empiricism theory Father Felix Varela Mr. Juan Donaldo Quintilian Mendoza, assistant professor of the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Havana, is the author of the book Clinical Psychology: selected topics, published by the Scientific-Technical Editorial. In that text, written with professionalism and love of the science of the spirit, the also head of the Department of Psychology of the Psychiatric Hospital of Havana Cdte. Dr. Eduardo Bernabé Ordaz, ventures into the most dissimilar fields of Clinical Psychology, whose exercise has been delivered in body, mind and soul, because, like the priest Félix Varela, José Martí and Don Enrique José Varona, founding fathers of Cuban psychology, perceives our noble profession as a nutritious source of ethics, culture, humanism and spirituality. With support in the principle defended by Humanist Psychology that man is an i

Biomedical Science and Research Journals | Disability and Sociology: Anatomy is Not Destiny

  Disability and Sociology: Anatomy is Not Destiny Summary This article deals with the need to understand and conceptualize disability beyond biological lineaments. It presents the possibility of sociological understanding of the phenomenon, the historical transformation of the concept of disability, as well as the fruitful possibilities of human development from the full and complete insertion of the disabled into society and work. It concludes by demarcating the historical task of society regarding the transformations of social and economic conditions that surround us today. Keywords:  Disability; Society; Biology Introduction Talking about disability through a sociological look brings with it the urgent imperative to analyze the secularization of such a phenomenon, understanding it from other than mythical and supernatural bases. The endeavor proposed by this task requires tracing the constitutive elements of sociology itself, a process of the utmost seriousness. Nisbet [ 1 ], in a

Biomedical Science and Research Journals | Social Media Makes Things Possible For Librarians: A Critical Note

  Social Media Makes Things Possible For Librarians: A Critical Note Abstract The rapid progress and development of social media and its associated tools have made things easy for the library staff and library professionals. Social media is the fastest tool of communication in today’s world, where everyone can reach the other within a click. At the same time, the library professionals are getting familiar with social media and its related tools to apply in their respective libraries. The library professionals are creating a virtual platform using Social media to interact with their users and social media is also helping to reach out to the targeted audiences and customers. Social media is using by librarians to make their library users and also use social media for the marketing of their sources and services. Several factors are influencing the use of social media in the libraries because the library professionals think that social media is the best choice to bring library users nearer