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Biomedical Science and Research Journals | Therapeutic Potential of Phthalimide Derivatives: A Review

  Therapeutic Potential of Phthalimide Derivatives: A Review Abstract Phthalimides belong to the group of cyclic imides and have as common chemical characteristic two two carbonyls bound to the same nitrogen. Such compounds are obtained by various organic synthetic processes, generally using phthalic anhydride as the precursor. Because they present various biological activities such as antinoceptive, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, anti-convulsant, antimicrobial, among other actions, these molecules have been object of study in several research centers worldwide. This review article is intended to provide highly relevant information on the biological activities of these compounds and their mechanisms of systemic action that have already been elucidated. The articles used in these studies were obtained through the Internet [from Elsevier, NCBI and Science direct] in the period of July and August of 2018. Several compounds were identified acting in various pharm