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The American Journal of Biomedical Science and Research adheres to the publication guidelines recommended by the COPE (The Committee on Publication Ethics). We expect all our collaborators, be it authors, reviewers or editors to uphold the standards of publication outlined by the COPE and ensure that the quality of the scientific research being considered for publication never wavers from that set standard.

All AJBSR members must be aware of the basic rules and recommendations set for Data Fabrication, Plagiarism, Conflicts of Interest, Duplicate Submission, Manipulation and Citation as they may, from time to time, need to take action against perpetrators who submit manuscripts that are not original or up to the mark according to the guidelines set by COPE.

Authors must not hold back any information from the peer review committee at the time of submission of manuscripts. Conflict of Interests must be highlighted while submission, all original sources of data collections, insights drawn etc. must be provided in the manuscripts. Only original articles should be submitted for review to the journal. And lastly data falsification or manipulation of figures in any way is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Editors are responsible for upholding the standards laid out by the COPE and should be in complete control of the quality of work published onto the journal. Editors must stay transparent about the rules and report discrepancies in a timely manner as and when they are spotted. Every chosen article directly reflects on the Editor’s ability to find and display original work that will add to the glory of the journal. Editors should always be fair and discreet, never indulging in malpractices like leaking information and discrimination of any kind.

Reviewers are an important part of the peer review process and are expected to abide by the publication ethics detailed by the COPE to the best of their ability. They must ensure to be upfront about any shortcomings of articles and figures and promptly report manuscripts that are faulty or inaccurate. Reviewers must be discreet, not succumbing to bad practices themselves

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