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Doctors will boast that their patients are not shy and tell them everything but that is not how it is. Patients, especially men, are a hindrance to themselves. Erectile dysfunction or the more embarrassing bent knob of Peyronie’s is something most men fear to admit. Even when they do summon the courage to talk to the doctor the best they can do is euphemise. This tells the doctor that the problem is more than physical, it is also psychological. Treat with care.

The patient will be referred to a urologist. The penis is unique. Nowhere else on the male is there anything similar and, in the female, there is no equivalent and yet the failure of this inflatable organ shares medical problems with other organs. Explain to the patient that the penis is a balloon that inflates with blood and he may begin to understand. If the blood cannot flow into the penis, it will not expand. The blockage can be similar to blockages that can occur elsewhere in the body and these are issue in which a vascular surgeon specialises. Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels and that is the clue to the cure. What helps with heart disease can also be applied to the penis.

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