Biomedical Science & Research Journals | Doctor Armando Alonso Álvarez: A Unique and Unrepeatable Rorscharchista

First of all, I want to thank the teacher, Master of Science, Miriam González Llaneza, who invited me to evoke the memory of Dr. Armando Alonso Álvarez, (1946-2017) whose name honors this Rorschachian event par excellence.

I would like to begin my presentation with one of the anthological phrases of Professor Alonso Álvarez: «an adequate diagnosis of personality [shows] the way to offer the best alternative of help.
Armando Alonso Álvarez, Ph. D., assistant professor of the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Havana, started, from three years ago, to the infinite space to meet with the Universal Spirit; leitmotiv in the poetic-literary and journalistic work of the Apostle, an ethical reference that will guide his steps in the exercise of pre and postgraduate higher teaching, especially in the teaching of Rorschach Psychodiagnosis; discipline excluded from the curricular design of the Psychology career in the 70s of the last century and resurrected by the also honorary president of the Cuban Society of Rorschach, in the decade of the 90s of the last century.

Although the first Rorschach teacher in the capital Alma Mater, after the revolutionary triumph of January 1959, was Dr. Noemí Pérez Valdés (1926-2008), founding professor of the School (now Faculty) of Psychology, Dr. Alonso Álvarez followed in the footsteps of her venerated teacher and therefore, resumed the teaching of that method of personality research, scientifically and artistically designed by the brilliant Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach, so that such a valuable instrument would not be buried in the dark shadows of oblivion.

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