Biomedical Science & Research Journals | How to Study the History of Philosophy of Science?

Undoubtedly, this paper impressed me deeply. How to study the history of philosophy of science? Previous researchers either took philosophers of science as clues to introduce in detail the ideas and methods of philosophers of Science in different periods, or take a concept of philosophy of science, such as the structure of scientific theory, the evolution of the scientific theory, as a clue, to elaborate the understanding of this concept and related theories of different schools of philosophy of science. There are many studies around the above clues, some of which are also very good. The author of this paper, however, puts forward a new clue to study the history of philosophy of science, that is, to raise and solve the problems of philosophy of science.
 The development of the philosophy of science, from the logical path to the historical path, and to the path of the combination of logic and history, produced many different styles of schools and theories of the philosophy of science. The author finds that regardless of what kind of theoretical forms appearing in the development of philosophy of science, “problem-oriented” methodology has always been the same. “In fact, the thinking of philosophers of science have been based on two major issues, namely, the rationality of the scientific problem itself and of the development of scientific problems.


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