Biomedical Science & Research Journals | Evaluation of the Functional Indicator Maturity of Newborns

Unlike the anthropometric indicators of newborns, the values of the functional maturity indexes on the Apgar scale in healthy children do not have an established close relationship with the material situation of the family, the indicators are not given much importance. The aim of the work was to clarify the influence of various biological factors, including geographical latitude and nationality, on head growth and functional development of newborns.

It was found that the indicator of functional maturity of newborns, assessed by different groups of subjects, is a sensitive indicator of the quality of life of the family and the level of adaptation of the developing fetus to these conditions of life. In the case of full-term newborns with a head circumference exceeding 34cm and a body length exceeding 49cm, the delay in the rate of head growth and functional maturity is formed as a result of their decrease in the last month of pregnancy in the presence of diseases and bad habits of parents who have incomes below the subsistence minimum, special education, living in a place remote from the city and the main roads.


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