Biomedical Scinece and Research Journals | Fishing Agricultural Lakes in Zauralia Russia Becomes Progressive

Fisheries melioration of lakes in Western Siberia has significant development experience. In the modern period, commercial lakes of fish in the Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, Tyumen, Omsk, and Novosibirsk regions on a number of exploited lakes carry out indigenous and current reclamations that contribute to the increase in biological production of water bodies and an increase in commercial fish catch per 1 ha of water area compared to the traditional fishery extensive fish farming technologies. The main thing is that business leaders and leading experts are convinced tangible benefits of land reclamation used and show increased interest and creativity in the development and implementation of scientific recommendations.

In particular, 2008, specialists of the SRO - Sladkovsky commodity fish farm began in 2008 to restore and modernize the farm, which worked in the 70-80s as part of the Sibrybproma of the Tyumen Region. And literally from “zero” they achieved tangible results, since the entire annual catch of the local fish - gold and silver crucian on 14 thousand hectares of lakes of the chamois type before the organization of the ATRC in 2008 amounted to only 70 tons. In 2017, the total catch of farmed fish (whitefish, carp, pike perch, pike) exceeded 1.3 thousand tons, of which 400 tons were whitefish, 248 tons carp, 131 pike and 31 tons pike. The catch rates of farmed fish by polyculture on some reclaimed small lakes reach 180-250kg/ha per year. Very important and with great positive consequences, the workers of the SUC expect from a comprehensive amelioration of the lake.


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