Biomedical Scinece and Research Journals | Cyberbullying in Early Adolescence: Is There a Difference Between Urban and Rural Environment?

According to the definition of the World Health Organization, violence is “intentional use of physical force and power by threat or action towards oneself, to another person, or to a group of people or the whole community, which results in injury, death, psychological consequences, underdevelopment or deprivation”. Similarly, legislation in Croatia regulated the relationship to domestic violence, and according to the Law on Protection against Domestic Violence, violence is defined as “any form of physical, mental, sexual or economic violence”. Even though violence may seem like a chaotic process, it always has four basic elements: power disproportion, intent of hurting, threats of further aggression, and terribleness that arises as a result of systematic violence used to intimidate other and maintain domination.
Cyber peer bullying is considered as any communication activity of a group or individual via internet, video or mobile phones that serves to the cause of humiliation, teasing, and threats to the victim. Although it occurs primarily in older children and adolescents, it may be present even in children under the age of 8. Sending cruel, malicious, sometimes threatening messages, as well as creating web pages that contain stories, drawings, images, and jokes on a peer account are characteristics of cyber bullying. Cyber bullying also refers to sending photos of peers and asking others to evaluate them by certain characteristics or to vote for a person who is, for example, ugliest, the most unpopular or the fattest in the school. Cyber bullying includes” breaking” in someone else’s email and sending malicious and unpleasant content to others. 


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