Biomedical Scinece and Research Journals | Family Needs of Critically Ill Patients in Central Jordan: A Family Perspective

Admission to critical care is considered stressful and sometimes traumatic for both patients and their family members. Peoples’ ability to cope with the emotional and psychological aspects of such admission is confronting. Such an experience affects family’s stability and compromise their ability to interact and support their ill relative and subsequently affects treatment’ responses. It is well established in the literature that family members can play several crucial roles in the critically ill patient’s plan of care. Among the roles assuming decision-making on behalf of the patient, especially when this patient is physically or psychologically compromised by a serious illness and providing social support. 
The family context represents the most important support system that positively influences patient’s outcomes. When the family responses to stressors are overwhelming, the result may be inability of the family to provide patient support hence affecting patients’ recoveryStressors affecting family members of critically ill patients include unfamiliar critical care environment, total shifting of the responsibilities to family members, lack of knowledge, and financial concerns related to hospitalization. These stressors can generate a variety of emotional responses such as shock, anxiety, anger, fear, which can overwhelm the family unit and affect its sense of wellbeing

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