Biomedical Science and Research Journals | The Impacts of Medications Misused for Body Weight Gain on Complete Blood Count (CBC) Concentration of Female Rabbits

The objective of present work was to study the effects of some drugs misused by Sudanese women as body weight gain treatments on complete blood count concentration (CBC) of female rabbits. Sixteen sexually mature female rabbits were procured from local markets of Elnuhod localality, West Kordofan state. A randomized complete block design with three replicates was used; treatments consisted of two drugs i.e. dexamethasone, cyperoheptadine and their combination administered orally with doses of 0.9 mg/kg of body weight with drugs two times a day for 45 days. Experimental animals were divided into four groups each group with four rabbits. First group as a control, while three groups were injected orally with the above-mentioned treatments, blood parameters were measured every two weeks for 45 days, the variance was analyzed, then means were compared by least significant difference (LSD) test. The results showed that the levels of hemoglobin were ranged between 11.15 g/dl and 12.53 g/ dl. Cyperoheptadine and the combination decreased white blood cells with time, lowest value was reported by the combination (3.28). RBC count increased with time, cyperoheptadine recorded 7.23. Packed cell volume was increased with time up to the end of the experiment period. Mean cell volume increased to reach the highest value at 45 days (78.80 mm3) by both cyperoheptadine and the combination followed by dexamethasone (78.43 mm3), which were statistically the same.


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