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Physical culture performs in a society a number of general and special functions that are implemented in the form of specialized activities of people associated with the use of physical exercises. Such activity is conditioned by the necessity of using physical exercises in the process of individual development of a person (physical education) [1,2], in the process of carrying out physically active leisure activities (physical recreation, fitness) [3], in the process of self-expression through adventure activity (sport) [4,5], as well as in other related forms of social practice. In addition to the above-mentioned special functions, physical culture as a special kind of universal culture, performs in society and an integral (human-generating) function, that is, a function that is inherent in all forms of social manifestation of physical culture which determines its integrity. The realization of this function in a social environment has its own peculiarities. Its analysis in modern studies occupies a special place [6].
It is considered, so to speak, in two planes. On the one hand, the influence of physical culture on the spiritual sphere of man is investigated. This trend began to develop especially intensively in recent years in connection with the realization that under the influence of physical culture in a social environment specific spiritual values are formed. Their creation, assimilation and multiplication take place in the form of the motor activity of each person as the subject (carrier) of culture, and the very activity of man acts, firstly, as one that creates such values, and secondly, as one that itself along with its results, is an element of the culture of society. On the other hand, human-forming function of physical culture is studied taking into account the influence of physical culture on physical health of a person, on the development of elements and structures of motor activity and morphological and functional systems of his organism.

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